1. I know your products have two different materials, TPU and PVC?
    What's their difference? 

    TPU is a material which confirms to international standard, innoxious, environment-friendly and long lifespan.
    Compared with TPU, PVC plays not so excellently in material functions, but cheaper.
  2. Is Water ball safe?
    Yes, our products have been tested and approved as a public entertainment apparatus by the Technological Institute of Aarhus.
  3. What are the Water balls made of?
    Our Water ball is made of durable materials called TPU/PVC.
  4. Is it dangerous?
    Water ball is by no means dangerous as long as it is used in compliance with safety rules.
  5. Is there oxygen in the ball?
    Yes, there is oxygen for 30 minutes with activity in the ball.
    One ride usually lasts 5-10 min.
  6. How to get in / out of the ball?
    We have a Germany zipper for water balls ,
    You crawl through the zipper opening when the ball is deflated.
    Then the zipper is closed and the ball is inflated.
    When you are on the water, there is always a safety line on the ball which is used to pull the ball back to the shore.
    When the ride is over, the zipper is opened and the guest can get out of the ball.
  7. How strong/ durable is the ball?
    The ball is is made of extremely durable 0.7 mm or 1.0mm TPU./ 0.8 mm. or 1.0mm PVC.
    You can jump, run and play all you want without damaging the ball, as long as the rules in the User manual has been followed. It is important to always ensure that the ball is inflated up.
  8. How many Water ball should we order for an event?
    That depends on how many people that is expected to attend the event.
    We usually use 5-7 minutes per person per ride.
    We recommend to order minimum two Water ball when having an event.
  9. What happens if the ball punctures?
    If the ball punctures there is no reason to panic.
    Small and large holes or tears can easily be patched and sealed.
    If there is a leak in the ball simply signal the instructor and you are pulled ashore.
    The ball will not sink unless it is completely destroyed
    The ball can easily be patched with patching equipment that can be ordered from us.
  10. Where can the Water ball be used?
    Water ball can be used anywhere where there is water, lakes, pools, beaches, amusement parks and inflatable pool.
  11. How many people can use the ball at once?
    Uusally Max one per person at once.
    If it is a big ball, like 4.5m, then many people can come inside together.
  12. Will you get wet inside the Water ball?
    No, the Water ball are 100% waterproof if used correctly
  13. What is the maximum weight for the user?
    Usually 100 kg.
  14. Can the ball be opened from the inside?
    No, it is not possible for safety reasons.
  15. What can you do inside the ball?
    Water balls/rolling ball are a blast for both kids and adults!
    While riding inside the balls, you can walk or actually run on the water with a little practice.
    A really great way to practice to have good balance, and the trick is to hold onto the sides of the ball, as you lean forward and walk fast or run...soon you'll be" water walking" in no time!
  16. How are the balls inflated?
    The balls are 2 meters in diameter and are inflated with an air blower (680W),
    it take about 1 minute to inflate the ball.
  17. Who cannot use the balls?
    If you are visibly drunk or affected by drugs, you should not use the Water ball.
    People suffering of high blood pressure, heart problems or epilepsy are not recommended to use Water ball.
    If you are pregnant or have neck / back problems or have been operated in the last 12 months is not recommended to use Water ball.
  18. How to put a new TIZIP into a WaterWalker?
    It is a piece of cake, please click here.

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